Winter-Spring 2011

Newsletter, Winter-Spring, 2011—Volume 24, Issue 2

The Alchemy of Grief

Lecture by Annamarie Fidel-Rice, Ph.D.
Friday, February 11, 7 pm
Entry: $8-members, $12-non-members

Grieving in American society is not respected, acknowledged, or tolerated. Grieving is treated with insurmountable denial. There is no depth-psychological approach to grieving. Most bereavement support groups and therapies use the Kubler-Ross model. Although Kubler-Ross has been the trailblazer for death and bereavement scholars, her model lacks depth.

Through personal and professional experience of death and grief, people travel to profoundly dark layers of pain. There are few words that accurately describe the depth of grief’s caverns.
Grieving is not mirrored, witnessed, or treated because it is a process and not a check-off list. The recipe for grief in American society is: someone dies, you go through the motions of grief, you get back to life, and you get over it.

The denial of grief continues to create emotional pain, physical, spiritual, and mental diseases. The lack of conscious grieving that people experience in this society causes barren and cold relationships.

Using the processes of alchemy—mortificatio, calcinatio, solutio, sublimatio, separatio, coniunctio—Annamarie will demonstrate that the alchemy of grief is an effective depth psychological tool not only for personal transformation, but also for a collective healing of the world. Alchemy can expand and revision our understanding of death and grief.

Annamarie Fidel-Rice is a loss and grief educator. She received her master’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver in counseling psychology with an emphasis in business and industry and her Ph.D. from Pacifica Graduate Institute in clinical psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology. Annamarie has been a practicing psychotherapist for 18 years specializing in loss and grief. She is also associate professor in the Graduate Counseling Program at Regis University. Annamarie designed and teaches Grief Therapy from a Depth Perspective, among many other courses.

Here is a supplemental note provided by our speaker (PDF).

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The Dangerous Parent—
Narcissism in Marriages

Lecture by
Eleanor Spackman Alden, LCSW, BCD
Friday, March 11, 7 pm
Entry: $8-members, $12-non-members

Fairytales describe narcissism and its fallout with more depth and color than any of the DSM I-IV descriptions. Fairytales also describe how to develop coping skills to continue to grow in family structures, which challenges children to see the world clearly and protect themselves without harming others.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is probably the clearest fairytale about this dynamic. This lecture will examine where the fairytale matches modern psychological theory and therapy treatment plans, and where it adds depth to this common problem in step-family situations. It will also look at the suggested role a step-parent can play when a child’s biological parent exhibits narcissistic behaviors that seem to intrude into every corner of life, providing groundwork for step-family development and for negotiating the fear-strewn path to adulthood for children.

Dr. Alden has been working with step-families for over 40 years. After receiving her MSW in Clinical Social Work she worked in Mental Health Centers, Emergency Rooms, and hospital social work departments for 10 years before beginning the Jungian Analytic Training with the Interregional Society of Jungian Analysts. During her time in training she was the Director of Public Education for the Denver Regional Group of Analysts. Her interests in family and group work led her to leave the training, but not the community, and for the next 10 years she was the President of the Jung Society of Denver. She has taught graduate students in Jungian psychology at Naropa University, as well as developed and taught classes and seminars on Jungian psychology and family therapy. Eleanor has been in private practice since 1985; is trained in EMDR, hypnotherapy, and group therapy; and works with people suffering post-traumatic stress. She has published the book, StepWisdom.

See the program flyer (PDF).

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Creativity, Art, and Jung: Art as an Expression of the Sacred

Lecture by Sherry Fairchild, MA, MS
and Nard Claar, BFA, MA
Friday, April 15, 7 pm
Entry: $8-members, $12-non-members

C.G. Jung: “The secret of artistic creation and the effectiveness of art is to be found in a return to the state of ‘participation mystique’…”

We all have an inner artist. Some find their inner artist early on and live out the mythic life path of an artist, such as Georgia O’Keefe, Ansel Adams, and Vincent Van Gogh. We will focus on awakening one’s inner artist and exploring the many ways art as an expression of the sacred can be experienced and nurtured in our everyday lives, for example: preparing a meal, appreciating and/or creating music, poetry, painting, photography, being a leader or entrepreneur, and in relationships.
In Man and His Symbols, Jung suggests that art is the first language of the human race, a language that lives past the life of the creator. Symbols represent art, as they are a creation of man in a three-dimensional world expressed on a two-dimensional plane. In this way all art is an abstract representation of reality. The history of art traces the important issue of spirituality and is the wealth of every age.

Art is a spiritual and sacred undertaking for the artist that is a psychological journey of discovery and includes the elements of quest, creativity, belief, and transformation. The transformational power of art is experiencing and seeing the world in a new light. A picture can be worth a thousand words.

This presentation will take us on a journey to discover aspects of the inner artist and sacred creativity residing in our individual psyches and beyond.

Sherry Fairchild has been an active and passionate student of Jung for the past 20 years and serves on the Board of the Jung Society in Colorado Springs. Sherry’s careers have spanned park planning for the National Park Service, business management, and school counseling. She currently works in education as a Director for Human Resources. She holds master’s degrees in counseling and human resources. Her life-long interests include nature, walking/hiking, art appreciation, and amateur photography.

Nard Claar has been a member of the Jung Society for a number of years and lived in Colorado Springs for the past 6 years working as an artist. He is a mixed media artist using imagination and reality to interpret his statement. He strives to connect the viewer with emotional context image rather than an accurate visual representation. He exhibits in Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, and Florence, Colorado; and in Taos, New Mexico. Nard holds a BA in Fine Arts and a MA in Counseling. He has worked in the public and private sector in a variety of positions.

Here is a PDF flyer for this program.

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Meeting Psyche in the Sand

Lecture by Janice Howard,
Friday, May 20, 7 pm
Entry: $8-members, $12-non-members

Carl Jung said image was soul. Sandtray/sandplay works with images in sand. Sometimes the sand is wet, and sometimes the sand is dry. Wet sand may be an image of wet earth. Dry sand may be an image of the dry desert. Underneath everything is blue, which may be water.

The sand player creates what comes up from the psyche in this work. Sometimes this is a surprise, a shock, a delight, sometimes a long-buried secret. This presentation is about being open to seeing one’s psyche in the sand. Images, scenes, resolution, stuckness, where one flows—each sand tray is a new adventure into what is real within and without.

The lecture will offer a PowerPoint presentation of images and trays. Then we will go into an experiential part of this work, choosing and becoming conscious of what the image means to the one who chooses.

Here is a PDF flyer for this program.

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Workshop by Janice Howard,

Saturday, May 21, 12-3:00 pm
Entry: $13-members, $18-non members
(Must pre-register at 473-6060
due to limited space. Pre-registration is FULL.)

The workshop will offer a richer and deeper way of working in the sand. It will be experiential. Each person will create what needs creating. The workshop will be held at the office of Janice Howard.

Janice Howard discovered Jung and sandtray/sandplay during her post-master’s work in play therapy almost 20 years ago. She is currently in private practice as a psychotherapist and Registered Play Therapist and has trained extensively in both sandtray therapy and sandplay therapy. She is the current Program Chairperson for the Jung Society of Colorado Springs.



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