Current Programs

Final Program of our Winter/Spring 2018 Season:

***To be held at the Franciscan Retreat Center-Woodmen Room***

7740 Deer Hill Grove, Colorado Springs.

From Chaos to the Rescue and Return of Sophia

Lecture Friday, May 18, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Workshop Saturday, May 19 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

with Monika Wikman & Judy Jackson

“Having called out repeatedly in a mighty magical voice to the Light, she was gifted with strength and sanctification from her bridegroom, and led by his holy hand, she resumed her seat of wisdom in the kingdom of the mighty aeons.” (Stephen Hoeller, Gnosticism)

In this duo Friday night lecture, Monika and Judy will discuss the Sufi and Gnostic myths of the exiled, rescued and redeemed Sophia. These powerful archetypal myths depict the predicament of all beings in desperate need of the restoration of our wholeness through union with the lost light of the unconscious instincts.

In this all day Saturday experiential workshop, we will experience using our own “mighty, magical voice” in sound work, transformative movement, imagery, journaling and drawing — all attempts at reviving unconscious atrophied instincts. This workshop is open to both men and women.  Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. 

Location: Franciscan Retreat Center-Woodmen Room, 7740 Deer Hill Grove, Colorado Springs.

Please call 719-201-4899 for inquiries and to indicate your intention to attend. * Please do not contact the retreat center. *

Registration available at the April lecture and at the May lecture.

Friday lecture: $10.00 members; $15.00 non-members; Students Free        

Saturday workshop: $65 members $75 non-members $35 students with ID