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Weaving the Dream Field of Jung and Kohut

Lecture by Dr. Marcia Dobson

Thursday, March 8 2018 – 6:30-8:30 pm

Both Carl Jung and Heinz Kohut have made significant contributions to psychoanalytic practice.  However, they take a different approach to dream work in the therapeutic process.  Jung emphasized the reality of the collective unconscious and archetypal energies in understanding the human psyche.  Kohut, rather, looked to dreams as representing “self-states” that could help in understanding the development of the narcissistic transferences in the therapeutic processes.  In this lecture Marcia will compare these two approaches to dream work and explore their compatibility.

Marcia D-S. Dobson is a Professor of Classics and psychoanalysis at Colorado College, who has been in private practice in Colorado Springs since 1998, when she received a second PhD from Pacifica Graduate Institute, in Clinical Psychology. She is a former president of the Jung Society, and teaches two courses in Jung at Colorado College.  An Associate Editor of Psychoanalysis, Self and Context, she has many presentations and publications, most recently connecting Jungian ideas with Self Psychology.